Types Of Tree Services

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Tree removal is a difficult and highly important decision people must make regarding their landscape. Trees are incredibly beneficial as they provide shade, filter pollution from the air, cool our homes, and nourish local wildlife. However, a tree must sometimes be removed due to its size, age, damage, or disease. 

Removing a tree can be dangerous and should only be done by professionals. Hence, understanding the process of removing a tree and its importance can help people make informed decisions about their property

What is tree service?

The arborist renders tree crane services in CT or any other tree maintenance business, including tree stump removal, tree cutting, or tree grinding. Consequently, some other wide ranges of activities include cutting down and trimming trees to install support cables or braces, as well as planting trees and mulching their roots. 

Companies like these would never do anything knowingly to harm the trees. However, they take action after examining the situation. In certain cases, they are called to rescue suffering trees. The different types of tree services are outlined below.

Different types of tree services


1. Trimming or pruning services

We cannot stop the trees from growing new branches. These branches might cause accidents. Suppose some branches come into contact with an electrical wire or whatsoever. With this approach,  the branches that are causing the problem are cut down to protect them from intruding the private property or power wires. 

On the other hand, tree trimming promotes healthy growth by removing potentially harmful compounds that have accumulated on the tree’s limbs. It helps to improve its structure of it. A well-trimmed tree enhances the beauty of its surroundings. Hence, tree pruning is crucial if you reside in a region managed by a tree crane service CT.  For this reason, having the branches pruned at least once every year or every two years is advised.

2. Tree Removal

Tree removal is not always permitted by law. You cannot just have trees removed because protecting the trees is the authority’s primary concern. Sometimes it’s necessary to cut down a tree. This is particularly true when they endanger the surrounding residents and their property. 

In order to stop the disease from spreading to other trees and keep them healthy, infected trees have to be chopped down, old and brittle trees are cut off, and giant tree removal goes according to the plan. But it is necessary to have special permission from the local government. If you need assistance obtaining such a permit, qualified arborists from the tree service can help.

3. Emergency Services

Trees normally bring joy and comfort, but there are moments when they require emergency attention. An often overlooked hazard is when a tree falls on the highway obstructing traffic or power plants, causing massive power cuts. Alas, we can’t help it without qualified professionals!

Emergency service authorities have all the equipment and expertise needed to tackle such situations head-on. So, if you ever find yourself in a tree emergency, don’t take matters into your own hands – simply call for help and let them take care of business!

4. Auxiliary Services

Additionally, arborists provide ancillary services like trimming and removing trees. These services include stump grinding, which involves removing tree stumps left over after the tree was cut down. By-products from stump grinding can also be used for mulching and composting, considered “secondary services.”


Choosing the right type of tree service is important to keep your trees healthy and to look great. Many options are available, so be sure to do some research before making a decision. Consider this article to help you understand the different types of tree services available and make the best decision for your needs. Call us today to learn more about our tree removal services!

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