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Tim Spear

Meet Tim Spear Jr., Owner and Founder of Spear Bro’s Tree Service. With a strong connection to Bristol, Connecticut, Tim is a notable figure in arboriculture. As a member of the International Society of Arboriculture, Tim brings expertise to tree care. His company provides high-quality service. Tim’s articles are informative and written in an approachable style, making complex tree care concepts understandable to all. Tim is a family man dedicated to charity work. He initiates the ‘Stuff a Dumpster’ toy drive and sponsors local sports teams. Tim is not only an expert in arboriculture but also a compassionate individual dedicated to giving back to the community. Explore his articles for insights into tree care and the values of Spear Bro’s Tree Service. Trust Tim as your source for all things tree-related in Bristol, Connecticut.

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Top Reasons for Tree Removal

Trees are an indispensable part of the environment, contributing to the balance of nature by providing oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and

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Spear Bros Tree Service 860 321 8499 374 West St 100 Bristol CT 06010 tree crane service CT

Types Of Tree Services

Tree removal is a difficult and highly important decision people must make regarding their landscape. Trees are incredibly beneficial as they provide shade, filter pollution

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