10 Things You Didn’t Know About Trees

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It’s nearly impossible to state the importance and role of trees in our life. These thousands of years old creatures are an integral part of the natural landscape and a blessing for many other living things. 

Trees have always been vital for the support of life while contributing to the betterment of the planet. Apart from adding beauty to the world, they have provided fresh air, shelter, protection from the sun, and even food to many organisms. Even though we know the value of planting trees and caring for and loving them, there are still some facts about trees we don’t know.

So today, we are here with 10 fantastic and surprising facts about trees:

Attraction Through Chemicals

Although trees look helpless and unable to communicate, that’s not true. Nature’s most beautiful and supportive organisms know how to defend themselves. They emit chemicals to give signals to other organisms and even other trees, which may include enemies of their enemies. Like when an apple tree falls under attack by the caterpillars, it releases chemicals to attract caterpillar-eating birds. This self-defense ability of trees keeps them safe and secure for years. 

Water Cleaning

Are you amazed to hear this? Well, you should be. We have always heard about the air-cleaning benefits of trees and plants. But do you know trees clean water too? Yes,  it’s true. Riparian buffers are shrubs and trees planted near the stream to show their excellent water-cleaning abilities. Not only do they decrease the amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment pollution in the water, but they also control erosion, provide shade, and control temperature for the sake of aquatic life.

Beneficial Communication

Well, it’s hard to believe, but trees can communicate very well through various means. The root system helps them connect while helping them pass on information. They also get help from fungi and bacteria. The fungi growing there help them absorb more water and nutrients from the soil while getting sugars from the trees.

No Usual Death

Unlike other living beings, trees don’t die of old age. The death of any tree occurs due to extremely unfavorable conditions, diseases, and insect or human attacks. They are known to live thousands of years. However, in case of disease, it’s best to hire a tree service Bristol CT and have the tree removed to protect homeowners and passersby.


You might be surprised to hear that some trees can absorb up to 500 gallons a day. The water absorption ability varies from species to species. Some huge trees absorb a lot, while some have an average capacity. For instance, a large oak tree can absorb 100 gallons daily, while a giant sequoia absorbs 500 gallons. 

Thousands of Species

How many tree species do you know about? How many species do you think our planet has? This one of the oldest creatures on the earth has almost 60,065 known species. The surveys are still going on to find out more species that are unknown till now. 

Temperature Control

We all know that trees are responsible for providing us with clean and fresh air. But do you know how much they contribute to heat control? Trees turn carbon into oxygen leaving a healthy environment behind. We have higher carbon dioxide emissions nowadays but these leafy mature trees are still helping us balance the levels. These trees have always played a vital role in temperature control by providing cool and fresh air for us. They are making the earth cooler even when a huge climate change is trying to take place. 

Birds Habitats

Trees are an essential habitat for multiple birds and animals. A good tree cover can help save wildlife while providing most of them a supportive shelter. Not only can many organisms have a home, but this can also contribute to plant pollination and pest control. Moreover, a tree shelter can protect endangered wild species, which greatly benefits our planet. A single tree can affect bird biodiversity in the most wonderful way. Surveys have shown that a tall tree can increase the number of bird species from 0 to more than 70, which is incredible.

Natural Value

Looking at a tree gives you a sigh of relief. It is because of the love we have in our hearts for nature. This contributes to our mental and physical health, keeping us happy. Well, the natural value of trees isn’t only about our health but also the beauty of our surroundings. Various species add a perfect touch to your house or property. They actually make your house look appealing while offering you a mesmerizing landscape view. Some people prefer buying houses surrounded by trees which means planting trees and going for a tree service Bristol CT can also help you increase your home value. 

Other Benefits

Apart from the beauty and habitat, trees are still a blessing for all of us. They clean the air, reducing the chances of multiple illnesses. Trees are a great source of food for many, including humans. The fruits we get from a tree make us healthy. They are also controlling the damage to the earth by limiting air pollution. Well, this doesn’t end here. The wood from the trees is actually helping us in our lifestyle in many different ways, from cooking and heating to making paper and furniture. Some parts of the trees are believed to be helpful in the cure of various diseases. Hence it means living without trees is impossible for us. 

Bottom Line

Trees are also considered a lucky charm. Many people believe that they bring good luck to the house. Therefore, they prefer to plant a lot of trees near them. It might be because of the unlimited benefits a tree can offer us. Planting trees can save our planet and the creatures living on it. Hence, it is crucial to understand their value. However, if there’s a need to remove trees, it’s best to hire professionals like Spear Bro’s Tree Service to do the job.

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